Mobility intelligence

Mobility intelligence for the truck traffic

Mobility is the lubricant for a successful economic activity. Patrick Andres, managing director of andres logistics, is certain about this. At the same time, this mobility will change – also on the highly competitive market of transport logistics – as everything that can be digitised will be digitised in the future. As a representative in the business, Andres looked at the various trends with specialists from the region on the spring forum panel of the Aschaffenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Important for the users of special transportation: There is leeway but also safety-related hazards emerging for an ever more detailed object tracking. In the light of a comprehensive data exchange, the self-steering of lorries communicating with each other in a convoy is already within reach. But for the logistics network this will only be the beginning as more and more goods on the roads will require more intelligent solutions.

the competent team

A trainee joins the competent team

Training at andres logistics – this chapter started more than four years ago with Sascha Laaz. The young man who at that time did not only want to watch as a trainee but first and foremost tackle things is now part of the capable dispatching team of the special logistics provider. Elena Schuller has just started her training as a forwarding merchant. As a native of Romania, she is now – in addition to a keen open-mindedness – bringing another language to the lively daily telephone routine of the service provider.

logistik hanau service

Competent service – or what will really count in the end

If you know andres logistics only from e-mails or telephone calls, you will already know that strong service is a top priority. We will usually reply to customer requests within minutes and this is surely part of the quality standard. A profile includes the customer history so that the repeat order incl. collection location or point of delivery has already been entered in the order as a „default‘. Paperwork is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Should you also stop by in Hanau Nord / Donaustraße will see – by request on the cell phone – a fully video-monitored and thus safe courtyard as well as storage areas (1000 sqm covered + eight 40 foot containers). This is where, if needed, the entire handling will be carried out by forklift or even by hand. Speaking of handling: We recently repacked plastic granulate from a 500 kg container to 10 kg – this is also part of the service. Many things are possible.

logistik hanau

Rolling hygiene a top priority

When two managers agree, it will often result in something new. This happened with the transport of the new Toi-Toi 5 unit modules. Toi Toi – the mobile sanitary system – had just made the leap to an automatic extraction unit and andres logistic already transported the new toilet units via international direct traffic to festivals in France, Holland and Spain and also safely handled the excess length and excess width.

andres logistics

With flair– sometimes fluffy, sometimes heavy

The last few months have again shown in a very peculiar way how diverse life can be in a medium-size logistics company. It does not happen every day that a snowy owl is to be transported. But how? The deluxe solution could only be the driver’s cab. A completely different challenge involved the transport of two transformers weighing 40 tons each. The safety training of the Andres team really pays dividends not only but especially for such heavy-duty transports.

logistic news

How about a little wider?

Not all cargo spaces are the same. This becomes most apparent with the four enlargeable mega semi-trailers that are used by andres logistics as all-rounders – often every day for direct traffic. Refugee containers, concrete pumps or whichever machine parts are transported with a regular tractor. This will ensure a short-term availability with good prices at the same time.

Perfect ! As usual Thank you !

Nothing is more convincing than the feedback received from customers – look at the word cloud based on the feedback received in the last few days:


andres feeback

donaustrasse hanau

News from the Donaustraße

  • 20About the 70th anniversary: The recent transition from the private company Spedition Andres to the andres logistics GmbH only about two years ago was also accompanied by a generational change. This was the year that the founder, Günther Andres, celebrated his 70th birthday. He knows „his company“ is in good hands.
  • About the team: A medium-sized business also always has responsibilities toward its own people. So it was only fitting that the former apprentice Sascha Laaz has been accepted into the Andres team at the end of his training period. Welcome!
  • About fines: That you don’t want to pay even a single euro in fines is easier said than done. In practice, this means that we here at Donaustraße rely on the Tom Tom tracking system. It is one thing to trust the familiar international driver team and thus a number of external companies under contract and quite another to check meticulously every tour using an automatic read-out mode.
  • About nuisances: Freight vehicles and roads are in fact natural allies – if it wasn’t for some road users. Broken side mirrors, cuts in canvas covers, graffiti – it is the small stuff that causes a real nuisance…At andres logistics, all vehicles are now equipped with dash cams. The people responsible will no longer have fun.
  • About quality: Nowadays, performance is first and foremost about the interaction between people and technology. In neo-German this is called „management“. At andres logistics, we swear by a recently optimised state-of-the-art server technology. However, an external seal of approval is part of everyday life. That’s why it is not surprising that the Andres team will shortly face a new certification according to ISO 9001:2015.  Given the continuously optimised processes at an exceptionally high level of quality, the preparations will likely be kept within limits.
Bild Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedinungen

German Freight Forwarder’s Standard Terms and Conditions

Directly after the publication of the German Freight Forwarder’s Standard Terms and Conditions 2016 (ADSp 2016) developed by the Deutsche Speditions- und Logistikverband, andres logistics subscribed to the thirty points of these conditions. The terms and conditions of the GmbH stipulate that the basic cover of 5 Euro per KG will now increase to 10 Euro per KG.
The many items replacing the previous conditions include changes to the demurrage, the exchange of Europe pallets and loading and unloading regulations. It is the first time that electronic communications and electronic documents are regulated. Electronically or digitally created documents such as delivery receipts will now be treated the same way as written documents. Any electronic data exchange requires, of course, a corresponding agreement between shipper and forwarder.


We are a partner for your sustainability certificate

You want to optimize your logistics and therefore rely on low-emission transports? No problem – we have converted all trucks to the EURO 6 standard; the last new truck was registered in December of last year. It has been well documented in practice (an on-board diagnosis system is installed in each truck) that this leads to a reduced consumption of up to 2 litres per 100 km per vehicle. According to the standards table, the particle load for emission limit values decreased by 50% compared to the previous standard. Also important: andres logistics has practically never any empty trips.
All this is done under the banner of „Green Logistics“ – the corresponding certificate of the QL-Qualitäts-Logistik KG for compliance with the ISO 14001 attests andres logistics a continuous improvement year after year.