Scania Andres

More capacity on the road

In the course of 2018, the andres logistics fleet will be upgraded with a top-of-the-range product in the commercial vehicle category. Running at 500 hp, the SZM truck is part of the new generation Scania S-series that has recently been crowned Truck of the Year. Features such as a cab with a completely flat floor for enhanced driver comfort, a wall unit and bunk bed as well as innovative safety aspects such as side curtain airbags are heightening our anticipation.

Growth extends to storage volume

There are few things more urgently needed in the Rhine-Main area than intermediate storage capacities. As a specialist in direct transport, andres logistics is experienced in navigating the complexities of the logistics landscape, but sufficient storage capacity coupled with packaging services are the icing on the cake of elaborate schedules. So it is a welcome development that we were able, practically next door on Hanauer Donaustrasse, to add an 800 sqm warehouse to our almost 1,000 sqm base. Some early spring cleaning ensured that our new location now shines with andres quality. What’s more, the warehouse will be run by Andrey Wirt, an independent warehouse manager. There’s no doubt that he’ll be kept very busy.

Simply available!

Emails are opened and read immediately – not in half an hour, not later, but now. This is the best way to show our customers that their orders and concerns are our number one priority. The same goes for enquiries over the phone – contact us and you can expect to hear back from us with an offer in best time, usually within no more than 30 minutes. Customers who come back to us a second time must feel it’s faster still. That’s the first thing a trainee learns at andres logistics.

Family tradition

Started by Günther Andres and transformed 3 years ago into a GmbH under the leadership of Patrick Andres and Dennis Andres, andres logistics is a company where family matters. Until now, the core team consisted of four members of the Andres family and four external players (see also This will now become a 3:4 team – not because an Andres family member no longer feels like dealing with logistics. Quite the opposite: Starting in September, daughter Anneke Andres will be studying logistics management at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences. Good luck!

günther andres

We recently had to say farewell to the amazing Günther Andres

We recently had to say farewell to the amazing Günther Andres. As founder and driving force of Spedition Günther Andres, which he helped merge in 2015 after 46 years into andres Logistics GmbH, he remains our huge role model. With his drive, his commitment to our team and his focus on what really mattered, he shaped the culture at andres for the future.


Typical 18 ton truck

At andres logistics, the 18 ton truck is the most used. Sometimes it is the entire concert technology for a Rock gig, sometimes it is micro furniture for an exhibition booth and then there are exotic items that are not part of the daily business. Who would have thought that a target practice unit for military purposes has recently been transported? Everything must be moved from A to B – also a brewery plant to Paris, initially stored in Hanau and then loaded for transport. 60 shipments per day prove that the price-performance ratio is right.

germania alte herren

Responsibility – also for the neighbourhood

We did not hesitate for a second to support the RAMOS Benefit Cup in August in Großkrotzenburg – a handball tournament for people with disabilities. Of course, money was important but it was more important to provide an Andres truck for DJ Dennis Smith. „ZUSAMMEN HALTEN und sich HILFE SUCHEN!“ (STICKING TOGETHER and SEEKING HELP!) is how the organisers titled the event program. It was good to be able to do our bit. That andres-logistics has a good name among clubs has already been demonstrated several times. Most recently as a jersey sponsor of the veteran’s footballers of the FC Germania 09 Großkrotzenburg which has recently grown because of refugees and before that repeatedly through the support of the HSG Preagberg – always with the intention to make a significant difference in the social area.

trucks diesel

Everyone is talking about diesel – so do we

Direct traffic without diesel doesn’t work – not for the transport of large goods which is the core of each logistics provider a.k.a. carrier. Let’s assume, the Euro 6 standard is complied with – which is verifiably the case at andres logistics -, then the major difference to a diesel car is the size of the AdBlue tank when it comes to reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. A 1000 litre tank and on top of that an AdBlue filling station on one’s yard are the guardian angels of emission control. Or in the words of Professor Thomas Koch from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology: „An absolutely clean technology that leaves trucks in a better position than many modern diesel cars.“

andres hanau

Storing means to take advantage of andres competence

The effort was well worth it. The storage areas on and near the company premises are continuously full. Especially important: Services that are not offered by everyone as there is a mixing machine used for repackaging, a 5 ton scale and, of course, a forklift for the optimised storage – standardised processes included.

Top-class machine transports

Newly purchased special semi-trailer: Top-class machine transports

When we talk about a „telescope“ at andres logistics, we are not gazing at the stars. „Telescope“ means that we can now use an 18 tonne low-loader whose original 13,6 metre long cargo area – called the „telescopic low bed“ in technical jargon – can be extended by another 7 metres. The transports carried out during the first weeks have already shown that this „TeleSemi“ is popular with customers. The gross vehicle weight totals 44 tonnes. The semi is accessed via the aluminium access ramps attached to the gooseneck. In terms of weight, the 3-axle vehicle can transport a standard excavator from A to B. 44 tonnes are also reached if it involves the relocation of a surface milling machine, a concrete pump or a transformer. Once a permanent certificate of exemption is available, these top-class machine transports will quickly be part of the daily routine of the andres team.