Container traffic – superior efficient

container_trafficFrom now on, Andres transports all kinds of containers. It can now deal with orders which are not purely transported on the road, but also with multimodal transports via ship or train. By using container chassis on all Andres trucks it is now possible to achieve a transport weight of up to 30 tons.


This proves to be more economic – and thanks to reduced fuel costs also more environmentally friendly. Carrier Andres operates according to its motto: safe, reliable and clever. A well-rehearsed team takes care of your freight enquiries.


Focus on Specialisation – Andres advices

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About 100 interested visitors of the event „Kooperationsforum“ of Bayern Innovativ listened to Patrick Andres who shared his insight about what makes mid-sized transport companies operate successfully.

His motto is to sidestep the mainstream competition through specialisation and to demonstrate the own abilities through flexible, safe and sustainable performance. He painted a future model that implies highly-productive cooperations and an intelligent handling of fixed costs in the industry in his well-received speech. Innovations are necessary in several respects, according to Patrick Andres. A company has to measure itself against clear benchmarks, has to actively use the internet as a distribution channel and has to serve the market with its niche USP (unique selling point).

The size and type of the truck fleet is not crucial anymore for the haulage manager, but the complete service package: “If the transported goods have to go through customs, be assembled at destination point while reducing downtime to a minimum, then a transport company rightfully earns good money for such a service package.“ The key is to make sure to provide additional value for customers through networks, cooperations and the use of cutting-edge technology and to communicate this effectively and convincingly.


Service at the right location

A timely transportation is one thing, but every performance can be improved. Ultimately, the transported good has to be completely available at the right location. That requires unloading and assembling services. Carrier Andres is also taking care of this. We consider assembling, in individual cases, as part of our job as logistics service provider. A recent example is the first successful delivery and assembly of natural stone weighing tables, each weighing between 400 to 500 kg

“Cost Killer” Konica


Carrier Andres has just accomplished another step towards a paperless office. The use of Konica’s multi-purpose device “bizhub PRO” enables a drastic reduction of paper copies. The scanned original document is enough to manage the complete business chain from the incoming customer request for a transfer order towards the invoicing. Patrick Andres estimates a reduction of several hours of admin time each week. He says: “We are a mid-sized company. Constant improvements are simply part of our daily routine

It all adds up


Exhibitors know that trade show presentations are pricy exercises. Customers can at least save money now, as Carrier Andres is familiar with the delivery and collection processes. For example, if forklifts are ordered in advance instead of asking for an ad hoc delivery, 50.00 Euros can be saved each trip. The money saving add up with bigger exhibition stand

Speed / Safety / Quality


No, it’s not the price which leads to a decision in the end. The performance is crucial when it comes to logistics. It is last but not least the adequate DIN ISO 9001 certification which contributes to the performance. Carrier Andres was in line for a follow-up certification on 5th April 2011 and passed with top marks. The performance level in the previous year was already at a hardly gradable 98.

Carrier Andres awarded by Verkehrsrundschau!

Carrier Andres had an excellent start to the new year as winner of the direct marketing challenge „Mit Akquise aus der Krise [A way out of crises through advertising]“. As the winner of the competition, carrier Andres benefited from a one-day workshop with the distribution specialist Log Direkt. The result is that the existing marketing mix is excellent. Carrier Manager Patrick Andres says: „Our know-how to offer tailor-made solutions immediately and to live up to the expectations surprised the consultant. We aim at the right target group with special transport for the mechanical engineering industry. We always come up with a solution for special situations“.


to the report Verkehrsrundschau

Safety first!


Carrier Andres meets the latest requirements in terms of load securing with its three new safety cargo-trailers. As multi-purpose tools with sliding tarpaulins and boards, they can be used for the transportation of beverages and machines, as well as for the transportation of hazardous goods. They are EN 12642 XL (VDI2700)-certified and comply with the DCE directive 9.5. Carrier Andres now has fifteen CODE XL-certified trailers available and meets all current requirements of the authorities and clients in terms of load securing.

Carrier Andres on top online!


Carrier Andres has used the module M-WebOrder® from the range of the M-WebDienste [WebServices] by Dr. Malek Software GmbH for the last year. This tool enables customers of mid-sized companies to register their orders online. All document templates of carrier Andres were consistently standardised in the course of the implementation. The carrier additionally uses the M3 Logisticware, the M-Telematicware for blackberries and the EWS-Entfernungswerke Strasse [software to calculate distances] from Dr. Malek.

In case of doubt – Debt Collection!

Carrier Andres has assigned TimoCom to take over the debt collection after the 30 day-payment period has elapsed. TimoCom is officially authorised and in the centre of events due to their tendering platform for freight and vehicle exchanges. TimoCom has national and international market knowhow in the transport industry and can deny defaulting debtors the access to the TimoCom tendering platform. Carrier Andres appreciates the excellent flow of information. Patrick Andres says, „The success rate is high, the communication with the debt-collection department exemplary and the price performance ratio on national and international level just right.“