new DAF XG+

Big, bigger, biggest, the new DAF´s XG+ at andres logistics

At andres logistics, 2x new DAF XG+ moved in in July 2022 as the future-proof generation of DAF trucks

The andres logistics forklift fleet

Alles neu macht der Mai

Everything is new in May!

A lot has been invested in IT technology this year and the digitalisation process continues at andres logistics GmbH.

Onken Thumb

Employee anniversary 25 years andres logistics GmbH

Our long-time driver Jürgen Onken celebrates his 25th anniversary at andres logistics GmbH.

New employee in the family business

After successfully completing her bachelor’s degree in logistics management at the Technischen Hochschule Mittelhessen in Friedberg

The logistics industry on a razor’s edge

Due to the current situation in the wake of the war, not only have fuel prices risen drastically

5th warehouse location in Maintal-Bischofsheim

After having rented warehouses in almost the entire industrial area North in Hanau,

Packaging service also for air and sea freight

Packaging service also for air and sea freight

andres logistics goes ELECTRIC!