Cargo securing:

All drivers as well as the office staff of  forwarding agency Andres have participated in seminars to obtain the cargo securing certificate. You as the consignor / recipient of goods are all singing from the same song sheet when it comes to cargo securing. Any answers about cargo securing, non-slip mats, lashing straps, VDI standards and legal aspects are given by Mr. Patrick Andres.


Lorry/truck systems enable to positioning, communication, mobile email and consignment tracking:

Has your consignment reached Bucharest? Is the deadline in Paris and Rheinfelden still feasible? You want to know about the whereabouts of your consignment? Very easy! Just use the online access for our positioning and communication system. As soon as your access has been activated you wil receive the current status of your consignment at all times – 24/7!!! Your POC is Dennis Andres.


Lorry/truck measurements and loading capacities:We are confronted with this question (almost) every day and sometimes loading fails because of only a few kilograms or a few centimeters. That is not necessary! Just give us your measurements, weight of your consignment we will be pleased to calculate the best offer for you. From  the station wagon, bus, carrier, canvas carrier, 7,5 t truck/lorry  to extendable trailers with 20 axles – everything is possible. But are you sure that the vehicle in use is the most favorable for you? We will be happy to find the best vehicle for your requirements within shortest time. It’s very simple. Kristian Daniel is looking forward to receive your inquiries. In most of the cases savings of many Euros can be calculated in advance.


Dangerous goods:

We are in the position to offer transports for all categories of hazardous goods from acid substances to explosives. Our specialist Patrick Andres will be happy to advise you about all questions for these type of transport.


Provision of forklifts, cranes, storage, interim storage, commissioning:

We are able to grant you the most favorable possibilities within the shortest time – no matter which destination in Europe. We have achieved a well-founded know-how during the last 40 years thus, being able to offer interesting alternatives at any time. Patrick Andres will be pleased to give his professional advice.


Export and customs formalities, transport documentation, Letter of Credit:

You are looking for an expert for these issues? We will be happy to assist when it comes to EUR1, T1, T2, T2L, AE, CMR, MRN, invoices, certificates of origin, ATLAS procedures, customs clearance, Incoterms etc. ………..which documents are needed for which country?……Any questions about this, then just ask us, we are there for you? A small mistake here can have a big impact on your costs and your customer’s costs. Nobody needs that!


Other current topics:

You can rest assured that we can keep you updated about all current topics of transport economics. Either the topic toll, toll increase, digital tachograph or steering and interval hours, insurance questions…..etc. It is our commitment to provide our customers in a professional manner at any time. This is YOUR advantage against your competitor. Remember that your customer will never ask you later: Why didn’t YOU know about it??…………….

……………we will be happy to serve you!